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Re: Perl4caml packaged

On Thu, Feb 26, 2004 at 08:28:19PM -0600, John Goerzen wrote:
> The main problem is that it's difficult to maintain local svn trees.
> Say I had my package in pkg-ocaml-maint, and was going to go offline for
> the weekend, taking my laptop with me with no Internet connection.  I
> could either go the weekend without checking in any changes.  Or I could
> create my own Subversion repos, check in the originals, check things in,
> and when I return, check in one big batch that loses all the history for
> what I did over the weekend -- plus have to manually merge and sync this
> all the time.

Well, there is a distributed subversion thingy, it is even listed in the
comparison mentioned on the main arch homepage :

Remote Repository Replication
Subversion 	Indirectly, by using Chia-Ling Kao's SVN::Mirror add-on
                or Shlomi Fish' svn-push utility.

See http://better-scm.berlios.de/comparison/comparison.html for more

> With tla, I simply branch off the main repo to my laptop repo, and when
> I get back, tla star-merge back into the main repo.  Change history from
> my laptop preserved.

But on the other hand, tla command line interface is a pain compared to
the simplicity of subversion.


Sven Luther

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