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Re: post to d-o-m delayed

On Wed, Oct 22, 2003 at 10:32:43AM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Dear listmaster,


>   it has been a while that I'm noticing delays in post sent to the
> debian-ocaml-maint list of about 15 minutes. I started noticing it
> during the latest mail virus hell and I tought that it was a load
> problem or similar. Anyway I noticed that the delay seems to apply just
> to this, rather low traffic, mailing list.

	The delay you're seeing is due to crossassassin. It's a bit
of code we run on murphy.d.o that quarantines emails that were sent
by non-subscribers for 15 minutes, and checks whether the same email
was crossposted more than 4 times, in which case the mail is dumped.

> I've looked at the headers of some posts of a recent thread that was
> both on d-o-m and d-d. Indeed messages sent to d-o-m arrived from 15 to
> 20 minutes later than on debian-devel.

The crossassassin queue isn't cleared stricly every 15 minutes. When
the load on murphy is too high, the queue isn't cleared until the
load has dropped back to an acceptable level. There's some pretty
graphs of this happening on murphy.debian.org/mrtg, and specifically
at: http://murphy.debian.org/mrtg/murphy.queue-in.html When lots of
viruses and spam comes in, the queue simply gets bigger, and messages
delayed longer until the load drops back down when it simply starts
going through the queue again.

> <SNIP great debug info I wish we got more often>
> Is this delay supposed to be normal or there's something wrong?

Hope that explains it. In this case, you're subscribed with zack@debian.org
on debian-devel, but not on debian-ocalm-maint, which is why you're
seing the delay with one, but not with the other.



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