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[garrigue@kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp: ANNOUNCE: lablGL, LablGTK1, LablGTK2 combined release]

Great news :

So, expect new lablgl, lablgtk2 and maybe even lablgtk1 uploads nextly.


Sven Luther
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I am glad to announce the release of

     lablGL version 1.00
     LablGTK version 1.2.6
     LablGTK version 2.2.0

All these libraries are available in both source and win32 binary
versions from

(Binary versions support bytecode only, and work with both MSVC and
mingw versions of Objective Caml 3.07)

lablGL 1.00:
  * Merged Isaac Trotts LablGlut library
    This is particularly nice as glut is available by defaults on all
    major platforms (except windows, but you just have to copy one dll)
    In particular this allows using lablGL on MacOSX without X11.
  * GlArray support by Christophe Raffali
  * Erick Trizelaar contributed some extensions
  N.B. the 1.00 version number has no special meaning, the previous
  version just happened to be 0.99...

LablGTK 1.2.6:
  This is just a maintenance release. LablGTK1 seems stable enough now.
  Includes support for openGL and glade (GUI designer).

LablGTK 2.2.0:
  This is the first release of LablGTK2.
  * subsumes LablGTK1 (but not quite compatible)
  * support for exotic charsets
  * improved text and tree widgets
  * many new libraries are supported: gnome canvas, librsvg, gnomepanel
  * lots of other changes and improvements
  It is now stable enough that we invite people to try it.

* lablGL: Jacques Garrigue, Isaac Trotts, Christophe Raffali, Erick Trizelaar
* LablGTK: Jacques Garrigue, Jun Furuse, Benjamin Monate, Olivier Andrieu

Jacques Garrigue      Kyoto University     garrigue at kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp
		<A HREF=http://wwwfun.kurims.kyoto-u.ac.jp/~garrigue/>JG</A>

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