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Re: [xavier.leroy@inria.fr: [Caml-list] Objective Caml 3.07 final release]

> Mmm, Xavier had told me that he had hopped to have it fixed for the
> release, or maybe it was another issue. What does this bug affect, does
> it break other packages or is it mostly transparent ? 
> I suppose that this does not affect binary compatibility,

 Well, it is a camlp4 bug that changes the associativity of the arrow
 when the first argument is optional ;-(((((
 Thus every type expression is parsed incorrectly and being able to compile
 the sources becomes a real miracle. Moreover, the .cmi files changes
 (since the declared type is utterly incompatible) and the same happens
 to the MD5 sum.

 Anyway, to my knowledge no major debian package uses both camlp4 and
 optional arguments (Coq does use camlp4 heavily, but no optional args;
 the other packages do use optional arguments, but no camlp4). [But there
 are a few ocaml debian packages I have never used...]

 In case some package becomes unbuildable, it is possible to manually
 insert parentheses to disambiguate the parsing. The parentheses should
 not affect MD5 sums w.r.t. the files without the parentheses in a bug
 fixed version of camlp4.

						My 2 cents,

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PhD Student in Computer Science at University of Bologna
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