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Re: Maybe a solution for ocaml-source and cameleon

Hello people,

sorry for the late answer, i am really busy these days, and even tonight i have to read a course ("Programmation Système en OCaml") to help polytechnique students tomorrow ;-) @ sylvain

Thanks to Sylvain for giving the list of files needed by epeire.

The makefiles in epeire/debugger and epeire/debugger/ocamldebug/ use the ocaml source distribution compiler because it was inspired from the original Makefile of ocaml/debugger and developped separately at the beginning. 
But since the installed compiler and the source distribution compiler should be the same, I think it would be safe to use the installed compiler for epeire/debugger and epeire/debugger/ocamldebug (this is already the case for topcameleon).

> > I am not sure, that Maxence Guesdon really want this things, i should
> > ask him on cameleon list, but i think he is also reading messages on
> > this list... 
> Yes, he does.

What lists are you talking about ? :-)

 @ Sven : est-ce que tu va ux JFLA cette année ?



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