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Re: libdir transition.

Hello everyone ...

I just want a quick tour of opinions on what to do with the libdir

I have package ready (well almost ready, need to recheck them) but there
is a bug in dpkg which hinders our upgrade plan, which i filled a bug
for, but for which i got no response.

The problem will hit people upgrading from ocaml providing ocaml-3.06 to
ocam lproviding ocaml-3.06-1, since dpkg will not check that the package
it is upgrading will no more provide the virtual package that is needed
in the new package.

I don't really know, but maybe apt will do the check for us. Will be
testing this.

Anyway, in this case, do we go ahead with the translation, or not ? ANd
if yes, which would be the more appropriate time for it ?


Sven Luther

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