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Re: update: ocaml book

On Tue, Jan 22, 2002 at 02:13:02PM +0100, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Hi OcaMLers,
>    I received answer from the authors of the ocaml book in french, these
> are the condition imposed by o'reilly on the redistribution of the book:
> >  We only ask that the distribution of the book begins with a header
> > mentionning that:
> > 
> >  - this is the official distribution of the book "Développement
> >  d'application avec Objectve Caml"
> >  - the authors name
> >  - the Éditions O'Reilly
> >  - the ISBN 2-84177-121-0
> >  - the original URL at O'Reilly site
> >  - and the precision that those informations must be kept for
> >  any further distribution.
> These condition seems ok to me for including the book in free section,
> but I also ask you for advice.
> I have also asked the o'reilly to write down a formal license for the
> book and, if possible, to release it under GNU FDL license; I'm waiting
> for answer.

Well, i suppose you cannot modify the book, which makes it non-free, but then
maybe for documentation things are not as strict.

Maybe you should be asking on debian-legal ?


Sven Luther

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