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Re: need help for the ocaml-native-compilers split ...

On Mon, Jan 21, 2002 at 10:46:16AM +0100, Sven wrote:
> I want to set a variable $(OPT_BUILT) to yes when i built the opt.opt target,
> and to no if i didn't build them. So i can later copy the files to the
> ocaml-native-compilers package if it is yes, and have ocaml provide
> ocaml-bnest-compilers if it is no.

Instead of using a variable you can use a file to pass this information.

instead of this: do nothing

>                         export OPT_BUILT=yes;                   \
instead of this: "touch opt_built; \"

>         if [ $(OPT_BUILT) = yes ]; then                                 \
instead of this: "if [ -f opt_built ]; then \"

>         if [ $(OPT_BUILT) = no ]; then                          \
instead of this: "if [ ! -f opt_built ]; then \"

You have to think about some tricky cases that can occur using "clean:"
target or about file names clashes with ocaml sources but basically I
think that this is a good approach.


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