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Bug in ocaml-3.04 package?

The following speaks for itself.  Is it a bug or how can I explain it?

Setting up ocaml-base (3.04-3) ...

Setting up ocaml-doc (3.04-1) ...

Setting up ocaml-netstring (0.10.1-2) ...

Setting up ocaml (3.04-3) ...

Setting up ocaml-netclient (0.3-OCaml3.04-3) ...

16:11:12 js@bywoner:/tmp$ ocaml
        Objective Caml version 3.01

Uncaught exception: Env.Error(_)

16:14:09 js@bywoner:~$ which ocaml
16:14:20 js@bywoner:~$
There is nou /usr/bin/ocaml

Where does the 3.01 message come from?

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