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Re: unknown interpreter

On Fri, May 04, 2001 at 05:23:42PM +0200, Georges Mariano wrote:
> I run lintian over the OCaml/Debian source packages I have on my disk.
> Grep'ing for warnings leads to around 1300 lines, among these lines 
> more than 900 are the well known "unknown interpreter"...
> Ok, we know that we are not using perl, sh, python ...
> Is there any way to remove this warning ?
> (at least locally, where is the list of the well known interpreters ??)
> by the way, what's the meaning of
> "perl checks disabled temporarly" ???

Don't know, there must be a bug against lintian opened since 2 years now, i

I know there was speak about local overrides, but i never managed to use them.

This is a lintian bug, not something we do wrongly.


Sven Luther

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