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Re: LablGtk packages planned/done ?

On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 15:48:55 +0100, Sven LUTHER wrote:
> you have a plain binding or an OO binding for them ? I am not familiar with
> lablgtk internals, but in mlgtk, you have the Gtk/Glib/Gdk interface which
> provide you non OO stubs, and then GtkObj that provides you with a more
> typesafe OO wrapping on top of them.

 We have both the low-level (no OO) stubs and the object level.
 The binding is really close to the one of the widgets provided with
 LablGtk as optionals (es. XMHTML), but it is clean and stand-alone
 (if you have just installed LablGtk).

> Should we package it all by itself ? is it a C widget with an ulterior ocaml
> binding, or a plain ocaml widget ? Is the non ocaml version already packaged ?
> should we package both together ?

 The widget is a C (C++ + C in fact) widget. We provided a debian package
 for an old version, but we have not updated it so far and it was not
 official. We provide also the RedHat package, but I prefer debian ;-)
 It is under GPL.

 Then we have a OCaml binding (both stubs and object level) for a
 small DOM interface built on libxml2. It is extremely simple.
 No debian package yet. It will be put under GPL.

 Then we have the OCaml binding for the widget, that uses the DOM one.
 The one for the 0.2.1 version will be released tomorrow. It will be
 put under GPL.

 In these days I am at INRIA for a short period of time and the
 author of the widget (I am the author of the binding) is in U.S.
 for a comference. So our answers are not very quick. When back
 in Bologna we will be both happy to contribute as much as possible.

 				Thanks in advance,

Real name: Claudio Sacerdoti Coen
Graduate Computer Science Student at University of Bologna
Now on leaving at INRIA (Rocquencourt)
E-mail: sacerdot@cs.unibo.it

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