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RE: [Debian-NP] Introduction and a few thoughts

e-smith has changed to sme.  The site is basically the beta test for Mitels
server component for its integrated mail and ip phone system.  Mitel is a
European based phone company. So I wonder how long the developer release
will be useful.

>From http://www.mitel.com/media_center/press_releases_view.cfm?id=252 
The 6010 Teleworker solution, an application of the Mitel Networks 6000
Managed Applications Server, uses secure Real-Time Protocol encryption for
voice privacy. Remote data connections are supported off an easily
configured Ethernet port on the IP phone. Industry standard Virtual Private
Network technology ensures security and seamless integration with WindowsR
and MacintoshR desktops and laptops. Configuring the teleworker phone takes
only minutes and can be performed by a system administrator with minimal
training. Once configured the phone can be sent to the user and plugged into
any DSL or Cable modem connection for secure access to the corporate

"The rapid emergence of teleworking is broadly recognized by industry
pundits," said Jim Davies, Vice President, SME Solutions, Mitel Networks.
"This solution spans the needs of small businesses for visibility and
control through to large corporations that benefit from the business
continuity attributes of this approach." 

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> started to build relationships with a number of small orgs.  We base our
> support around the e-smith server built on top of Red Hat which has
> extensive Web and GUI based configuration options.  Our rational being
> that the client should be handling all daily tasks and minor
> configuration tweaks calling us only for advise and the initial setup of
> the box.

What is e-smith? Can you provide a link so we can see if it has
something that we might be able to use in this project? I am guessing
it is this:
which looks like it is called SME Server now, it is unclear to me, but
I am guessing by the gloss on the site, that it is a commercial
product. However, it does have some sources available.

I think you are right about your rational about daily-tasks vs.
initial setup and advise. It would be nice if we could get it so
initial setup is easy too.

> What I would like to see is Knoppix live cds to make hardware detection
> and setup simple, many donated boxes have lost the original manuals or
> are bolted together from other peoples trash.

Check out www.morphix.org, basically knoppix, but modular, so it makes
creating a customized distribution easy (hey thats what we are doing!)


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