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Debian gets LJ's Readers' Choice Award

Debian Project
Debian gets LJ's Readers' Choice Award
January 6, 1999

[Thanks to Arnout Engelen <arnout.engelen@beer.com> for this submission.]

1999 Linux Journal Readers' Choice Awards
Linux Journal, January 2000 issue 69, page 94.

Favorite Distribution: Debian GNU/Linux
"Better than all the rest"

Debian GNU/Linux with 27,3% scores a 21-vote upset over last year's winner
SuSE which got 27,0%, while Red Hat falls to number three by about 200
votes, with 23,6%. This victory for Debian GNU/Linux is sure to warm the
hearts of free-source enthusiasts everywhere. In other news, Slackware is
still alive at 5,7%, Mandrake and Caldera received 7,1% and 6,1%
respectively, and the others have their followers, though not many (no
other distribution scored 1%).

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