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Endorsing Emmanuel Arias's key 13796755BBC72BB8ABE2AEB5FA9DEC5DE11C63F1

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For nm.debian.org, at 2022-08-03:
For the past 18 months, I have worked with Emmanuel Arias on various packages in
the Python Team, mostly over IRC.

The first interaction over IRC I have had with Emmanuel Arias was on 2019-07-21
on the #debian-python channel. I've since then had frequent and regular
interactions with him in this channel. Although IRC messages are not signed by
an OpenPGP key, the nick Emmanuel Arias has been using (eamanu) is:

1. Registered on OFTC's NickServ
2. Consistent with his Salsa username (eamanu) and with his Debian username

The first record of Emmanuel Arias signing an email with OpenPGP key "1379 6755
BBC7 2BB8 ABE2  AEB5 FA9D EC5D E11C 63F1" I have is on 2021-02-07. Since then,
he's written frequently on the debian-python mailing list using email address
<eamanu@yaerobi.com> and signs his mails most of the time.

Emmanuel Arias also signs his git commits. Although most of the mentorship I've
done for him has been answering questions on IRC, I have had the chance to work
closely with him on packages "poetry" and "poetry-core".

All the git commits made on these two packages by Emmanuel Arias were signed by
the OpenPGP key "1379 6755 BBC7 2BB8 ABE2  AEB5 FA9D EC5D E11C 63F1". The
oldest signed git commit Emmanuel Arias made on "poetry" was on 2020-03-31 and
the latest, on 2021-12-31. The oldest signed git commit he made on
"poetry-core" was on 2020-12-15 and the latest on 2022-08-01.

I've made sure that Emmanuel Arias is able to decrypt encrypted messages sent
to this key and that they're able to sign messages with the same key.

Due to the long-term interactions we had, I'm convinced that Emmanuel Arias as
they present themselves on nm.debian.org is the rightful owner of both email
eamanu@yaerobi.com and GPG key 1379 6755 BBC7 2BB8 ABE2  AEB5 FA9D EC5D E11C


Louis-Philippe Véronneau (via nm.debian.org)

For details and to comment, visit https://nm.debian.org/fprs/person/eamanu/13796755BBC72BB8ABE2AEB5FA9DEC5DE11C63F1/endorsements/view/

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