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Ben Westover: Advocate

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For nm.debian.org, at 2022-08-03:
I support Ben Westover <kwestover.kw@gmail.com>'s request to become a Debian
Maintainer. I have worked with Ben Westover on various packages maintained by
the Python Team in the last few months and consider them as having sufficient
technical competence.

More specifically, I have sponsored "python-pypartpicker" for Ben during the
month of July 2022 and was satisfied with the technical work and general
understand of Debian packaging. I like to believe I have high technical
standards when it comes to sponsoring a Python package and had to ask for very
little changes.

I have also witnessed 3 other packages they worked on in the Python Team being
reviewed and sponsored by other members of the team, namely "python-freenom",
"python-discord" and "bumblebee-status".

Although I did not formally review these packages, I offered some advice over
IRC for various fixes and was happy to see Ben Westover incorporate them.

Finally, I have had nothing but cordial interactions with Ben over IRC and I'm
convinced they have suitable social skills for the Debian project.

I have personally worked with Ben Westover <kwestover.kw@gmail.com> (key
3869DA72A461754E9E366B45C311C5F54E89B698) for 3 months, and I know Ben Westover
can be trusted to have upload rights for their own packages, right now.


Louis-Philippe Véronneau (via nm.debian.org)

For details and to comment, visit https://nm.debian.org/process/1093/

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