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Re: Questions about orphan package

On Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 3:48 PM Edson Contreras Cárdenas wrote:

> My name is Edson Contreras and I want to start my life in the Open Source community.

Welcome and thanks for your interest and contributions!

> To: debian-newmaint

In future please use the debian-mentors mailing list for this sort of question.

> The package is called jaula and the link to my version is here:

As this package is not used by any other package in Debian, is a JSON
library/tool and many other JSON libraries/tools exist, is
unmaintained both in upstream and in Debian, and only has a few users
according to popcon, I think the best option would be to remove the
package from Debian rather than to update it.


If you use jaula and don't want it removed, please take a look at our
guide for package maintainers.


If you agree with the removal, you can file a removal request using
this command, select RoQA:

reportbug ftp.debian.org

PS: it is a good idea to work on packages that you use, including
adopting orphaned packages or helping out with maintained packages.
The how-can-i-help tool can help you find opportunities to contribute,
and the Debian website lists lots of different ways to contribute to




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