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Questions about orphan package

Hi there!

My name is Edson Contreras and I want to start my life in the Open Source community.

I was checking the orphan packages here and I already selected one, ported to github, updated the building from Makefile to CMake and made some changes for C++14 support.

I also reviewed and implemented some of the TODOs that the original creator left on the source and I want to know how to continue in order to get my changes reviewed and what are the next steps.

The package is called jaula and the link to my version is here:


I published a release with the current version as it is now in Debian packages, however I have a PR with the next version (with CMake and C++14 as patch) and another one with one of the creator´s TODOs (as major).

I also would like to change a bit the way it works now, but I would like to know how to test the impact or even add support for the jsonc standard. I have some ideas, however I want to know how to do them formally to be included on the Debian project.

Thanks in advance for your help, support and suggestions.


Edson René Contreras Cárdenas
Ingeniero Civil Electrónico
Integration Lead
Banco BCI

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