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Re: Daniel Swarbrick: Declaration of intent to become a DD, upl.

On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 09:50:38PM +0200, Daniel Swarbrick wrote:
> You might recall that I applied earlier this year and my application seemed
> to fall through the cracks. I was too busy to chase up or re-apply until
> now.

Honestly, I don't, and I'm not seeing any trace of it in your nm.d.o
profile (https://nm.debian.org/person/dswarbrick/)

> I will take care of getting the signatures on my key. I don't usually hang
> out at key-signing parties ;-)

Alright, we'll wait for that then :)

> The reason that I am applying as a DD is that it is effectively what I have
> been doing for the last two years, under the expert tutoring of bdrung,
> with whom I work. He doesn't always have time to sponsor my uploads, and
> feels that I am ready to take that next step myself. Right now I am busily
> updating a bunch of Prometheus packages with tina and kanashiro, and the
> only handicap is that I am able to do all the work except for upload
> packages.

It looks like both bdrung and tina approves of your work, so I won't
say anything else!

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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