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Re: Daniel Swarbrick: Declaration of intent to become a DD, upl.


On Thu, Jun 18, 2020 at 06:14:01PM -0000, Daniel Swarbrick wrote:
> I would like to apply to change my status in Debian to Debian Developer, uploading.
> I have worked on various Prometheus and Go packages for about the last two years, and I would like
> to be able to upload my package updates & enhancements without needing a sponsor each time.

There are a few problems with your application:

 * Your GPG key doesn't have any signature at all (but we require 2 DD
   signatures for prospective DDs)
 * You are not a DM yet.

Thought the DM bit is not a requirement, it's nowadays at the very least
unusual for a non-DM to apply to become DD, and we at least would like
some kind of explenation as to way you wouldn't apply for DM first
(keeping in mind that it would still require at least 1 DD signature on
your GPG key…).

In fact, looking at your upload history, it feels like would it would
more useful to you as of now would be being a DM, rather than starting
the whole DD process.

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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