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Re: Aniol Marti: Declaration of intent

Hi Mattia,

> [removing non-Debian related work]
> > A few months ago, knowing that the freeze was near and that
> > a package (Aegisiub) that he uses a lot was FTBFS and wouldn't
> > make it to buster, he asked me for help on how to proceed.
> > Then, he contacted the former Debian maintainer (who wasn't
> > interested in it anymore) and quickly adopted it, making a
> > patch that fixed the FTBFS. Finally he improved the overall
> > quality of the package and I sponsored his upload, which made
> > it in time before freeze. I only had to make some remarks and
> > show some examples, but all the work was made by Aniol.
> Also this advocacy, it mostly talks about stuff that is not
> related to Debian; although it definitely is useful to know
> that he is a knowledgable Debian user, that doesn't really
> speak much of his abilities as a package maintainer, nor any
> of his knowledge about the Debian procedures.

I'll try to be more specific: Aniol took over a package that had
been FTBFS for quite some time (bug #873327). Several people had
linked patches that fixed it partially, but noone had successfully
fixed the bug. Aniol completed the fix (importing 9 patches from
upstream) without needing any assistance, and using quilt for the
first time. Maybe it was an easy task but the fact that the bug
hadn't been fixed for a while and that he managed to do it on his
own has its merit.

He also showed knowledge of recently announced package salvaging
procedure when we were discussing the options before the RFA was
filed. Also about Debian policy when bumping standards version
and fixing lintian warnings. He built the package with different
tools to compare the results and even tried to enable autopkgtests
before releasing a new version, though we ended up realizing that
there aren't actually any useful tests available.

> I'd honestly prefer if he could be sponsored for a little longer

Fair enough, we'll work on improving Aniol's public record on
Debian the upcoming months.

Thanks for the feedback,

  ⣾⠁⢠⠒⠀⣿⡁  Alex Muntada <alexm@debian.org>
  ⢿⡄⠘⠷⠚⠋   Debian Developer - log.alexm.org

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