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Re: Aniol Marti: Declaration of intent

On Tue, Mar 05, 2019 at 08:44:59PM -0000, Aniol Marti wrote:
> I have worked on maintaining Aegisub and packaging PyCirkuit and
> Circuit Macros (both packages still in progress) for a while and I
> would like to be able to upload these packages without having to
> bother my current sponsor.

It seems to me that at the time you are maintaining only one package
(aegisub), and on that one package you only interacted in one upload,
doing very small changes.

I'm not convinced that that's enough to justify DM permissions; I'm not
talking about the "one package" thing (we have many DMs only for single
packages), but rather that you did only one upload.
And also, I couldn't spot your email address in my own email archive
prior to January 9th, i.e. just 2 months ago.  Tendentially, we try to
have people with upload rights be with us for a little longer.

On Wed, Mar 06, 2019 at 08:19:41PM -0000, Alex Muntada wrote:
> I have personally worked with Aniol Marti <amarti@caliu.cat>
> (key 2A341FB6601406C144ADEEE4C4C3F43EC6F0514F) for 2 years.
> He took over my lead on the system administrator team for
> caliu.cat (that hosts several mirrors, including Debian) and
> we keep in contact often.
> Before that we had exchanged several mails because he asked me
> how to setup a local mirror for Ubuntu install parties using
> the toolkit I had devised some years ago.
> A few months ago, knowing that the freeze was near and that
> a package (Aegisiub) that he uses a lot was FTBFS and wouldn't
> make it to buster, he asked me for help on how to proceed.
> Then, he contacted the former Debian maintainer (who wasn't
> interested in it anymore) and quickly adopted it, making a
> patch that fixed the FTBFS. Finally he improved the overall
> quality of the package and I sponsored his upload, which made
> it in time before freeze. I only had to make some remarks and
> show some examples, but all the work was made by Aniol.

Also this advocacy, it mostly talks about stuff that is not related to
Debian; although it definitely is useful to know that he is a
knowledgable Debian user, that doesn't really speak much of his
abilities as a package maintainer, nor any of his knowledge about the
Debian procedures.

> Aniol is always resourceful, engaged and thorough in all that
> he does, and after working closely with him I'm sure that he
> can be trusted to have upload rights for his own packages.

I'd honestly prefer if he could be sponsored for a little longer, but I
accept disagreements from the other readers of debian-newmaint@ :)

Process ref: https://nm.debian.org/process/598

                        Mattia Rizzolo

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