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Re: Helen Koike: Declaration of intent


2018-08-02 17:18 GMT+02:00 David Prévot <david@tilapin.org>:
> Hi,
> Le 02/08/2018 à 19:58, Mattia Rizzolo a écrit :
>> On Thu, Aug 02, 2018 at 08:01:52AM -0000, Helen Koike wrote:
>>> I would like to apply to change my status in Debian to Debian Developer non uploader.
> […]
>> Have you considered asking for a guest account?
> I was one of the people advising going in the full DD process (real life
> yet casual meetups during DebConf helps). Guest account is only time
> limited, and being DD is not only about technical stuff (e.g., vote).
> I’m confident that people who already vouched for Helen will happily
> renew their support for the full DD process (more people may follow).
> Just writing this right here, right now, to make clear than I do believe
> that the proper DM process for Helen to become DD is the right way to go
> (not being among the people who actively worked with Helen, I can’t
> advocate on her technical skills, yet “mentoring” her a bit as part of
> the DebConf Video team, and seeing her on stage part of the Secure Boot
> team, makes me feel like she should really be recognized as a full
> member of our project ASAP.

I totally second David on his statement, and I also support Helen
Koike's DD application, she has applied since several people,
including myself have been telling her that DD is better role for the
kind of work she is involved with:
  * Working on cloud images
  * DebConf19 organization
  * Secure Boot Debian enablements

I think she needs to start her DD application ASAP and get through the
process which takes a while. In the meanwhile, if she needs, DSA will
be quite happy to create a guest account for Helen.

While doesn't have many bugs recorded on the BTS, she has been patient
and pushing really hard to get Secure Boot enabled in Debian and part
of that work involve organizing Debian secure boot sprint along with
Steve McIntyre and presenting the outcome at [DebConf]. If that's not
enough to apply for DD, not sure what else we need to ask for. Surely
I believe Helen's interactions with BTS will grow in the near future,
as well as packages to maintain. She has expressed her desire to help
me co-maintain GDB package in the past, however she has not had the
time for that yet.


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