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Re: Andrea Bolognani: Declaration of intent

> My sponsor's argument for going for DM at first rather than straight
> for DD was that, though I have been contributing to Debian for a long
> time, most of my work has been done in isolation and doesn't reach
> outside the comfort zone of the few packages I've been maintaining
> over the years.
> In particular, I would probably not be able to line up more than one
> Advocate since I've been working with Niels exclusively for the past
> several years, and asking someone who's sponsored a few uploads 6+
> years ago for advocacy would be reaching quite a bit.
> So the plan is to get DM now, then come back for DD after my
> involvement in Debian has broadened further.

(phone kbds all suck, sorry)

IMO that's orthpgpnal. DMs are somewhat forced into staying in their
comfort zone. Only DDs roam at will.

But anyway, welcome to the journey finally!

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