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Re: Andrea Bolognani: Declaration of intent

Andrea Bolognani dijo [Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 09:45:55PM -0000]:
> I hereby declare my intent to become a Debian Maintainer.
> It's been a long time coming, too: my first upload to Debian was all
> the way back in 2006!
> I'm currently maintaining four packages, the newest of which was
> introduced in 2012; despite not being very many, they are somewhat
> varied in nature and thus require different approaches to packaging,
> along with keeping up to date with several of Debian's mini-policies.
> Going forward, I intend to keep maintaining those packages to the
> best of my abilities. Becoming a DM would allow me to respond faster
> to both upstream and downstream changes, as well as reducing the
> workload on my current sponsor. Eventually, I plan to apply for DD
> status.

I don't directly know your work, and I'm not advocating for you.

However, I think you should consider this: If you have been an active
Debian contributor for 12 years, even if it is via sponsored uploads,
I believe you will find no opposition if you go straight for the DD

Up to you to decide. Becoming a DM is simple and quick, and requires
much less hassle than becoming a DD (for very important trust
reasons). But I believe throughout this time you have surely material
to show to the project you "really mean it" :-]


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