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Re: Georg Faerber: Declaration of intent

Hi Georg,

On Sat, Dec 16, 2017 at 07:17:14AM -0000, Georg Faerber wrote:
> I would like to apply to change my status in Debian to Debian Maintainer.

\o/ yay, I was very happy when you told me this yesterday…!

> I was quite sad to see schleuder, a gpg-enabled mailing list manager,
> being removed from Debian in 2014, and started to maintain it and some
> related packages in 2016.

almost exactly a year ago I sponsored your first upload of schleuder…

> By now I think I've learned quite some bits and pieces since starting
> with package maintaining and would like to upload these packages on my own.

…and I fully support this. In this last year I reviewed and sponsored
schleuder, schleuder-cli, ruby-mail-gpg and ruby-gpgme (so sid and
stretch-backports) and always had pleasant experiences doing so, except
maybe that it has become a little boring over time, because by now your
uploads leave me with nothing to say, comment or do, except sign+upload

I really enjoyed your dedication to getting details right and am convinced
you'll continue to do so.

Thus I think you are ready to upload these packages on your own right

> I believe Debian fills a quite important role in the free/libre software 
> world, and I would like to invest what I'm able to, learning while doing
> and extending my skill set.


> Thanks to all of you for what you're doing.

Thank you for all your contributions too! It's really awesome that schleuder is apt
installable on stable again! Have lots of fun in Debian & beyond!


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