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Pierre-Elliott Bécue: Declaration of intent

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Dear maintainers,

I would like to apply to change my status in Debian to Debian Maintainer.

My name is Pierre-Elliott, I'm a PhD student in applied mathematics, and I was formerly a student at ENS Cachan (France).

I came to Debian and Free Software in the late of 2010, when I started contributing to Cachan Réseaux À Normale Sup' (Crans), a French association that provides Internet access and many services on the campus of the previously said school.

In this association I learned most of my sysadmin skills and I worked my developer abilities. I also learned the rough basics of packaging into Debian, at first with backporting, and later with python packaging (I worked on custom version of bcfg2). Crans has, during its history, lead a lot of its member to become active into free software, including Debian, with at least 4 (as far as I know) who became DD in a rough decade.

As a great enthusiast of their work, I started the project to package mailman3 suite into debian in the late 2015. This took some time (2 years) because while packaging this suite, I came to discuss a lot with barry, and we decided that rushing things was not appropriate, as mailman3 was mostly python3.4 which was no longer the main python3 version into Debian, and still had some rough edges. So we waited until mid 2017 and the release of mailman 3.1 to go forward. Now, all the components are into NEW, and the core server is already in the archive. (the repos are on https://anonscm.debian.org/git/pkg-mailman)

I'm willing to become maintainer and allow some of my time to Debian because I'm keen on volunteering, especially for nonprofit organizations, and I'm in fond of free software: the way it interconnects people and once again proves (as in scientific research) that greatest accomplishments are not the work from one mind, but the work from many hands and one social mind. Debian has a lot of work to offer and I'm willing to try do some of it!

I'd also like to be able to maintain on my own the packages I got into the archive, and to work with teams on maintaining already existent packages (I'm currently in DPMT and admin of the Mailman for Debian team). I currently do not have further wish to package anything as I think it's necessary for me to work only into things I enjoy, in order to do my best and offer real quality work.

I'm really into python projects and C/C++ projects, so I'll consider these as my primary field of interest. I have some personal issues with web applications (except those developed with django) as I think sometimes these projects are going too fast and are hard to cope with if you don't devote plenty of your time to them. I'm also learning slowly about the Debian installer.

I hope at some point to become a developer, and, maybe contribute also to other fields of activity into Debian, as system administration and ftpmasters. BUT, as I'm aware these two tasks are devoted to people one can really trust, let's not rush anything. :)

Last but not least, I'd like (and I'd have already started if my budget had been more compliant) to participate in the organization of debian social events like debconf. Even though there is no need to be a maintainer to help in these events, I think that this is relevent to underline this fact.

I'm quite used to Debian habits as I started offering small contributions in 2013 and continued since, and I'm convinced I can achieve (maybe sometimes with a bit of help, of course) work that reaches the standards of the project. I'm also eager to learn, and to collaborate with other developers.

Love from Paris.


Pierre-Elliott Bécue (via nm.debian.org)

For details and to comment, visit https://nm.debian.org/process/405

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