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Re: Cannot access public Debian porter machines

On 24.07.2017 14:32, أحمد المحمودي wrote:
> Hello,
> When I attempt to request access to a Debian machine on https://nm.debian.org/wizard/process/ga , the website says that since I am a DM with guest account I should already have access to porter machines. Yet when I attempt to login to barriere (amd64 public porter machine) for example , login fails.
> Could someone help me with this issue? Also shouldn't I submit my public SSH key somewhere to be able to login? It is already on Alioth.

The public part of your/an SSH key is contributed to the porterboxes via LDAP. After
that's completed, you can login anywhere with e.g. foo@zelenka.debian.org.

You could send the public key via email to the LDAP gateway for that, just put the key
in a mail to changes@db.debian.org. Please see https://db.debian.org/doc-mail.html for details.


4096R/DF5182C8 (stender@debian.org)

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