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Re: Thorsten Glaser: Declaration of intent

On Tue, Aug 02, 2016 at 08:13:34PM -0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> I intend to un-retire from Debian. 

yay! I'm glad you came to this conclusion!

> I intend to continue working on select packages to make the
> Open Source world a better place, but not involve myself with
> project-level decision making much, as evidence has shown this
> to be… not very successful. Furthermore I intend to sponsor
> packages of people I know and mentor them, which I already
> do in private, but not involve myself in official activities
> where I have to deal with people as project representative.

sounds great to me! 

(And I'm saying this as someone who was also unhappy with some of your
actions in the past. ;-)

Thanks for your work & may you soon be able to work more easily /


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