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Re: Has the acceptation of new DMs stalled?


On 18/05/2016 10:47, Tiago Ilieve wrote:
> So, I would like to ask: has the process of accepting new DMs stalled?

I can't reply for this question, but maybe the person who is behind the
process might have busy lately.

> If so, does this has a relationship with the "Newmaint: Call for
> help!" section in the last "Bits from the DPL"[4] that was published
> yesterday, regarding its unification with the Debian New Member Front
> Desk (nm.d.o)?

No, it has no relationship with that. The goal behind what is described
in my bits is to ease the process for the person who is organizing this

The small number of new Debian members in march and the recent call for
help on a similar subject are only a coincidence.



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