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Advocacy for Lucas Kanashiro


I advocate Lucas Kanashiro to become Debian Developer, uploading.

The current status of Lucas Kanashiro is Debian Contributor.

Advocacy text:

I started working with Lucas in Debian (we had worked together before) during GSOC 2014, when he worked on The Debian Continuous Integration project by investigating the types of test failures that happened, and sent patches fixing the tests for several packages.

After that, I have already sponsored two packages for him, redir (adopted, previously orphaned), and tmate (NEW package which he did from scratch with a colleague). Both are in good shape, and during the sponsoring process he did a good work, and was always willing to learn the what's and why's of packaging.

I believe that he has the technical skill required to be a DD, and that Debian will benefit from having him.

Antonio Terceiro (via nm.debian.org)

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