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Advocacy for Lucas Kanashiro


I advocate Lucas Kanashiro to become Debian Developer, uploading.

The current status of Lucas Kanashiro is Debian Contributor.

Advocacy text:

I'm hereby advocating Lucas Kanashiro to become an uploading DD.

Lucas has joined the Debian Perl Group in February 2015, and we've been working together closely since then. As in many cases, Lucas joined because he intended to create some specific packages but he very soon switched into "help in maintaining all packages whereever work is needed" mode. In the meantime he was worked on almost 300 packages and made almost 2000 commits in their respective git repositories.

In the course of these months, Lucas has seen and done all aspects of packaging and gained an excellent knowledge of packaging policies and tools. His perseverance in longterm projects (like fixing autokpkgtest failures) and his endurance in keeping our packages up to date with regard to new upstream releases have made him an important contributor to the quality of our team's work.

In his work, Lucas places an emphasis on "doing things right", always asks for input when he has questions, and is very open to ideas and tips from others.

Lucas also took part in the pkg-perl sprint during DebCamp and the BoF during DebConf in Heidelberg. This gave us the opportunity for some pleasant analog communication as well :)

Since I think that Lucas has the necessary technical and social skills, I propose to accept him as uploading Debian Developer.

[Usual disclaimer: We don't use the DM concept in the Debian Perl Group; Lucas has shown his readiness by his continuous work within the team.]

Gregor Herrmann (via nm.debian.org)

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