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Re: Advocacy for Bertrand Marc


On 01/11/15 10:46 AM, Gon\xe9ri Le Bouder via nm wrote:
> Hello,
> I advocate Bertrand Marc to become Debian Developer, uploading.
> The current status of Bertrand Marc is Debian Maintainer.
> Advocacy text:
> Hi,
> Bertrand Marc is a long term Debian contributor. He is involved in Debian for _years_ and I used to be his sponsor for the Debian Games packages. I've to say Bertrand as always be someone serious and open to suggestions. I strongly advocate Bertrand for being a Debian Developer.

I'd also like to advocate Bertrand for DD-ship. He's a long-time
contributor to Debian and I've sponsored a number of his packages within
the Debian games team on multiple occasions (mostly playonlinux, a few
uploads of pingus and 7kaa as well). His packages are of high quality
and I believe he is more than ready to upload packages on his own and
attain full DD privileges. Thank you for your work, Bertrand!


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