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Re: DM application of Scott Talbert

>>>>> "Klee" == Klee Dienes <klee@debian.org> writes:

    Klee> I would like to serve as advocate for Scott Talbert for Debian
    Klee> maintainer, and eventually for Debian Developer should he
    Klee> choose to pursue that process.

    Klee> I have been working with Scott as the initial packager and
    Klee> maintainer for the HIDAPI package since October, 2013.
    Klee> Throughout that time I have consistently found him to be an
    Klee> outstanding maintainer.

    Klee> The packaging for HIDAPI was nontrivial:

I worked with Scott a bit while Klee was going through the NM process.
I second his advocacy.  Scott was good at answering questions I raised
and put thought into his work.
He seemed to understand packaging and more importantly understand where
he needed to learn more.

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