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Advocacy for Johan Van de Wauw


I advocate Johan Van de Wauw to become Debian Maintainer, with guest account.

The current status of Johan Van de Wauw is Debian Contributor, with guest account.

Advocacy text:

Having sponsored two packages for Johan earlier today and thinking: "Why isn't he a DM yet?", seeing his application a little later was wonderful.

I've worked with Johan from about the same time as I started to contribute to the Debian GIS team back in late 2013. He has proven to be a valuable team member doing a good job packaging GIS software for Debian, Ubuntu & OSGeo-Live. I'm very happy about his work on the Debian GIS packages in Ubuntu, both directly and via the UbuntuGIS PPA and the OSGeo-Live project.

For his work on the Debian side I'm confident he'll keep up to good work and can be trusted to put his DM privileges to good use.

Sebastiaan Couwenberg (via nm.debian.org)

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