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Advocacy for Yixuan Guo


I advocate Yixuan Guo to become Debian Developer, uploading.

The current status of Yixuan Guo is Debian Maintainer.

Advocacy text:

Yixuan was the first true help I got with the maintenance of BOINC packages, who then drifted a bit away towards those gcc-doc packages, but who was always with me and Gianfranco to think things forward and help with code and identify complicated issues with libraries etc.

He moved from China to the US (Philadelphia) for his PhD and may be a bit busier than he once was, but he is still active and with every gcc release seeks a new sponsor (often but not always finds only me :o) ) when the gcc updates. He is a good guy and I want him with us as a full member.


Steffen Möller (via nm.debian.org)

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