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Mapped accounts


there were 590 accounts on nm.debian.org with no mapping to
sso.debian.org usernames.

Of these, I mapped 242 by matching the email address on nm.debian.org
with the email address set on alioth.

Of the remaining 348, I mapped 240 as former DDs who had no "-guest" in
their alioth account name. These will be an anomaly since in the future
I plan to disable sso.debian.org logins via alioth unless there is
-guest in the username.

I mapped a few more with more arcane euristics and a few more manually,
but there are still 89 to go. The only way left that I can think is to
deal with things on a case by case basis.

So, if you can login to sso.debian.org with your alioth account, but in
the top right of nm.debian.org you see this phrase:

   NAME-guest@users.alioth.debian.org not known to this site yet

then please send a signed email to nm@debian.org mentioning your alioth
account name and the URL of your nm.debian.org page, and I'll see what I
can do.


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