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Re: DM application of Leo Iannacone

Le lundi 12 mai 2014 à 21:34 +0200, Leo Iannacone a écrit :
> This is my declaration of intent to become a Debian Maintainer
> <URL:http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMaintainer>.
> I have read the Social Contract, Debian Free Software Guidelines and
> Debian Machine Usage Policy and agree with all of them.
> Currently, I maintain the packages apt-venv, ion, dkopp, ukopp, 
> python-socketio-client.
> I'm a member of JavaScript team, co‐maintaining the packages node-accepts,
> node-amdefine, node-character-parser, node-commander, node-debug,
> node-dryice, node-escape-html, node-express, node-express-generator,
> node-merge-descriptors, node-methods, node-monocle, node-parseurl,
> node-path-to-regexp, node-promise, node-redis, node-send, node-serve-static,
> node-type-is, node-utils-merge, should.js.
> My GnuPG key D282FC25 is signed by the Debian Developers Stefano Zacchiroli 
> <zack@upsilon.cc>, Alessio Treglia <quadrispro@gmail.com>, Andrea Colangelo 
> <warp10@debian.org>.
> I look forward to becoming a Debian Maintainer. Thanks for your attention.


i reviewed and uploaded several packages Leo Iannacone prepared, and
worked with him on the pkg-javascript wiki.
He knows already quite a lot about debian packaging, and it's really
easy to work with him. I also noted that he is organized and efficient.

Please accept Leo as DM.


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