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Re: Advocacy for Tomasz Buchert

Dear Tomasz, dear Project!

On 20/03/14 08:31, Francois Marier via nm wrote:
> Hello,
> I advocate Tomasz Buchert to become Debian Developer, uploading.

I (unfortunately) do not know Tomas's packaging work well enough to advocate him as an uploading Debian Developer.

But I would like to, and can add my positive opinion of him to his application archives.

I have been in the audience of a talk and workshop Tomasz gave about Debian in general, and packaging in particular, at the University of
Technology in Poznan, Poland. His presentation skills and knowledge have greatly impressed me, and left me wondering how, and why he is not a DD

After the presentation I had the opportunity to meet Tomasz in a more relaxed environment. I got to know him as a friendly, open, positive and
helpful person. Not only technically skilled and knowledgeable, but a potential, capable ambassador to the project.

He said he wanted to apply to become a DD only when he felt ready. I told him this was indeed important, but I encouraged him too. I am very
happy to see his application now. I wish Tomasz a smooth application process, and I am happy for the project to have a potential new member like

Best regards,
Laszlo Kajan (lkajan)
Poznan, Poland

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