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Advocacy for Chris Boot


I advocate Chris Boot to become Debian Developer, uploading.
Advocacy text:

Chris has been a DM for less than the advised 6 months, yet I have no hesitation in advocating him for uploading DD.

His work has been consistently of a very high quality and his uploads show that he has considered all implications, for example to cater for distribution upgrades. I have followed his unsupervised uploads since he was granted DM privileges, and he has not uploaded anything that would cause me concern.

Chris's handling of the situation when he lost control of his GPG key (through no fault of his own) was exemplary. His first priority was to ensure that any risk to the archive was removed at the earliest opportunity.

Since I also work with Chris on a professional basis, I can attest to his attention to detail and his care in preparing uploads. He never acts carelessly; even at a recent BSP his proposed NMUs were first class and I uploaded them without hesitation. Everything that I wrote in my advocacy for DM still stands, and I am confident that he should now be granted unsupervised access to the archive.

Jonathan Wiltshire (via nm.debian.org)

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