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Advocacy for Klee Dienes


I advocate Klee Dienes to become Debian Developer, uploading.
Advocacy text:

I've worked with Klee for around two months at this point.  I've worked with him on cigi-ccl, hidapi, and iniparser, which he maintains and I sponsored.  Also, he reviewed hidapi, but since he's not a DD I reviewed it again.  He was demonstrating he had the skills to help others contribute to the project.
I've seen him interact with parts of the project (debian-policy, trying to ask questions and then once it was clear there was no answer, raise bugs about debian/copyright).  I've seen him work with users helping them understand how to report bugs and triage their issues.  I've seen him explain DFSG and licensing issues to those working on packages.  I've engaged with discussions of the DFSG, contributing to Debian, and how to effectively contribute to free-software projects.

based on the above interactions, I think welcoming Klee back to the project would be great for the community.  We need strong, skillful developers like Klee.

Sam Hartman (via nm.debian.org)

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