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Advocacy for Sebastiaan Couwenberg


I advocate Sebastiaan Couwenberg to become Debian Developer, uploading.
Advocacy text:


I have noted that Sebastiaan is not yet a Debian Maintainer and I told him to apply as a DM first.  Despite this I'm on it here and I would really like to write down the text I will most probably also write down after he is a DM for some time.

I have learned to know Sebastiaan in the Debian GIS project in my "Sponsering of Blends" effort.  He is doing a really good job in the team and became actually the most active Debian GIS team member to my perception and he does a pretty good job in updating a lot of packages is able to deal with library migrations and has proven to be able to deal with complex packages.  My sponsoring "work" is basically to build his lintian clean packages without any changes.

Besides his heavy work on the packages Sebastiaan has adopted the Debian Med policy to Debian GIS which means he is not only doing pure packaging work but cares nicely for the whole Debian GIS team.  He is also mentoring new people and he is also involved to support derivatives (OSGeoLive) to become engaged inside the Debian team to share the common workload and avoid duplicated effort.

>From my point of view Sebastiaan is doing better than some DDs I know and the only thing he is lacking is the official DD status to become a full member of the great team.

Andreas Tille (via nm.debian.org)

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