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Advocacy for Timo Aaltonen


I advocate Timo Aaltonen to become Debian Developer, uploading.
Advocacy text:

Timo has been involved in the Debian X Strike Force for about as long as 
I've been a DD (somewhere around 2007).  He was maintaining the X stack 
in Ubuntu almost single-handedly for a while, and since that time we've
had really good collaboration.  His work has been great, and working
with him is really pleasant.

He's also taken on a number of other packages in Debian more recently
(sssd, 389-*).  And Timo handled the migration away from old musicbrainz
libraries before wheezy (#656587).

I believe Timo has shown a great commitment to working with and in
Debian, and we'd do ourselves a favor by making him officially a member 
of the project.

Julien Cristau (via nm.debian.org)

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