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AM report for Thomas Bechtold

I recommend to accept Thomas Bechtold as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Thomas
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Bechtold
   Key fingerprint: 1C17166DC55780466188885142EE72DAC27319AD
   Account:         toabctl

2. Background

> I'm 32 y/o and live in Berlin/Germany. I studied renewable energy system
> in Berlin and started to use Debian Potato in 2001. A workmate was a big
> Debian fan and told me I have to try it. So I started to use it and love
> it since these days :)
> I'm already a Debian Maintainer and I'm also a GNOME member and
> developer. I worked the last 4+1/2 years for a company which built an
> embedded device (hardware and software) for the wind measurement
> industry based on Debian Squeeze (armel).
> I want to volunteer my time because I want to give something back to the
> free software community and I want to help to improve the experience
> people have with free software. What I like especially on Debian are the
> clear goals written down in the Social Contract and the transparency
> of decisions based on the mailing list discussios. I can identify myself
> 100% with the social contract goals.
> I contributed to Debian in form of bug reports and packaging. Most of
> the packaging has been for d-feet (I'm the upstream author), dia-shapes,
> check and python modules (within the python-modules team). I also
> started to contribute to the pkg-gnome team to improve the GNOME stack
> in Debian.
> My primary areas of interest are python modules and the GNOME stack. I
> also want to try to help with openstack packaging and I'm interessted in
> qa work.


Luke Faraone

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