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Advocacy for Brett John Parker


I advocate Brett John Parker to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

I've known Brett as a good friend for a number of years and I'm convinced that he has the skills and mindset to be a good DD. I have personally sponsored packages for him in the past without any issues at all, and I have seen good patches from him for other packages too.

Brett used to be in the NM queue several years ago, but struggled to find the time to complete the process back then. Personal circumstances have since changed and I expect him to have more time to spend on Debian work in future. He seems to be an expert on django and I think he would be an asset for maintenance there and elsewhere.

Brett is a well-respected member of the Debian community in the UK and a passionate Free Software supporter. Many of the existing DDs in the UK have been encouraging him to re-apply to become a DD for far too long, and I'm glad to see him finally re-engage!

Steve McIntyre (via nm.debian.org)

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