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Advocacy for Nicolas Dandrimont


I advocate Nicolas Dandrimont to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

I'm happily advocating Nicolas Dandrimont as a future Debian Developer.

I am working with him for over a year on mentors.debian.net and he showed technical competence, understanding of Debian procedures and workflows and a commendable commitment in user support. He also was the primary mentor during the last Google Sumer of Code for our two students and they both passed their tasks and felt well supported by him (I claim). While I realize that mentors.debian.net is technically not a Debian project, it is closely affiliated and integrated in Debian workflows. I don't see why his engagement there wouldn't count in view of his Debian career.

Moreover, by observing his comments and answers to support questions in #debian-mentors he shows a good understanding of packaging principles and policy knowledge. 

Having that said, I never sponsored or reviewed any package Nicolas made. Thus, I cannot judge about his actual packaging skills. While I'm confident he is doing a good job as a packager, I do not eventually know. Hence, please do not take my advocation as a sole reference with respect to uploading rights. As far as I heard, other Developers are about to advocate Nicolas as well, and hopefully they even sponsored him. :-)

Arno Töll (via nm.debian.org)

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