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Advocacy for Agustin Henze


I advocate Agustin Henze to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

I've known Agustin, aka 'TiN', since five or six years now, and the more I get to know him, the more I find how amazing guy he is.

This is a short summary of what I know about him.

-TiN vs The Local Community

TiN, has been around the community for quite some time.
He founded the SLUC (Software Libre UTN Córdoba) user group at UTN University, organizing events like FreedomDay/Install Fest/etc evangelized extensively at all levels while attending to it.

He is an active member of PyAR (Python Argentina) group. He has been dealing with really crazy stuff related to bytecode optimization, stuff I honestly couldn't follow easily.

We have been working and co-leading USLA (Usuarios de Software Libre Argentina, Opensource/Libre Users of Argentina) hardware and software infrastructure for longer than 4 years. USLA is a non-profit organization that brings free, as both in beer and as in freedom, infrastructure all over the country for around 300 LUGs, FLOSS projects, non-profit organizations, individuals, etc.
In such a role, he acquired an amazing set of skills in bug hunting and trouble fixing. This provided him a great understanding of the open source community and its environment.

-TiN vs Challenges

He enjoys^Wloves accepting challenges, and specially with stuff he doesn't know.
Researching and learning are his passions and he loves sailing through dark, unknown fields. 

-TiN vs The Project and Sponsor

We've been sharing some isolated issues, bugs and challenges across many pieces of software and packages since years, but it has been recently that I noticed he was getting more and more excited about the idea of becoming a DD and getting more active in the project. 

As his main sponsor, I watched him walk all the way beautifully, as a father
watches his son's first steps, but instead of staying on the ground when
falling, he quickly stands up getting to know all what exists about a matter.

I meanly and blindly thrown him to the lions' cage in many occasions, on purpose, seeking him to develop a self-dependence "sense" in the Debian jungle, what he was able to get with nice and easily.

We have had a series of discussions in the past in which he was very concerned about decisions and, generally speaking, the future of the project in respect to certain areas, which leads me to think he is ready for this.

I don't think he will be a good Debian Developer, I am certain that he is going to be a awesome one.

Ulises Vitulli (via nm.debian.org)

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