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AM report for Anton Gladky

I recommend to accept Anton Gladky as a Debian Developer.

1. Identification & Account Data
   First name:      Anton
   Middle name:     -
   Last name:       Gladky
   Key fingerprint: BBBD 45EA 818A B86F F67E  7285 D3E1 7383 CFA7 FF06
   Account:         gladk

2. Background

Anton writes as his introduction:

   I started to use GNU/Linux in 2007, installing Ubuntu on my laptop.
   Since then I was trying to replace my favorite applications, which
   I used under another operation system, by free analogues.

   Right now I am doing a research work at the University and all of
   my main specific software (mostly for "discrete element method"
   simulations) are working only under GNU/Linux. I use Debian and
   derivatives because they have all necessary packages for installing
   my DEM-software.

   I maintain packages, which directly or indirectly connected to my
   Some of them are: gnuplot, freecad, paraview, gmsh, yade etc.
   I am trying to keep them in a good shape.

   I plan to continue my activity for Debian especially under "Debian
   Science Team", bringing new and orphaning an existing packages.

From our interaction, I found Anton as a very worthy prospective
DD. Most of his work is done with the Debian-Science team, and many of
his packages are adopted from previous maintainers; even though some
do have several open bugs and issues, he answered to my complete
satisfaction as to why this status holds - It is more due to being a
responsible maintainer and trying not to break software with lots of
users being close to or already under a freeze. Anton has work in
Experimental fixing several of the mentioned problems.

I fully recommend Anton to be accepted as a DD.

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