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Advocacy for Ivo De Decker


I advocate Ivo De Decker to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

I hereby advocate Ivo to enter the NM process and become a Debian Developer with upload rights.

I met Ivo several times at the yearly Samba conference (similar to Debconf, but for Samba...). He gradually got interested, then involved into the maintenance of samba packages, and recently prepared some releases of the package along with me (and other team members).

Ivo has already a great knowledge of Debian packaging, that predates the moment he became a DM. I think it's time for him to fully enter the game and I have no doubt he will do great job. I'm particularly admirative of his pickyness and will to handle bugs in clever ways, often with great interaction with upstream.

Given that my own involvment in samba packages are reduced slightly recently, it would help a lot if he can get more autonomy. He's also deeply interested in helping out in the hunt of RC bugs, so it would be great if he can become a DD before wheezy is out..:-)

Christian Perrier (via nm.debian.org)

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