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Re: Key signing, mid west USA?


On Fri, 21 Dec 2012, Robert J. Clay wrote:
>    In that he, Jeff Teunissen, did not respond to several emails I
> sent him back in April.  There were four others listed for nearby
> states that I also emailed at the same time & also did not receive
> responses:   Michael Gilbert, Carlo Segre,  Dirk Eddelbuettel,
> Matthieu Delahaye.  Note that I received bounce emails on that last
> one, with the error being:  550 Unrouteable address (in reply to RCPT
> TO command)

At least Michael and Dirk are regular contributors, you should be able to
get an answer from them.

>    The emails were asking if they might be going to the 2012
> Penguicon[2], which is a combined Linux & Science Fiction convention
> held every year in the metro Detroit area.  It generally has a key
> signing session of some sort and in this case did end up having one.

They might come in your area for business or family reasons, or maybe you
might have to go in their area for some reasons. Don't be too specific and
just inform them of your intent to meet them for a key signing when the
opportunity presents itself.

> > Feel free to ask on debian-newmaint@lists.debian.org
> > for other persons.
>    Is it recommended that I keep on attempting to get in contact with
> those who are listed as being nearby?

It can't hurt. :-)

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