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Advocacy for Nathan Harrison Handler


I advocate Nathan Harrison Handler to become uploading DD.
Advocacy text:

First of all, I agree with what paultag has already written in his advocacy
statement; thanks for starting, so I can concentrate on filling in
additional pieces :)

Nathan is indeed a member of the pkg-perl team since quite a few years. I
would summarise his work as "steady QA initiative": He regularly coordinates
packages between Ubuntu and Debian, sending patches and bug reports in both
directions and keeping packages in sync, thereby improving the quality of
the perl packages in both distributions. I also remember him doing mass
commits across our packages where he improved the debian/watch files. - And
whenever he has time he also integrates new upstream versions or fixes the
odd bug or does whatever is needed to keep the quality of our packages.

I appreciate Nathan's attention to detail and his diligent work; in my
experience he always asks for help when needed and provides help when asked,
and I always enjoyed interacting with him.

Since Nathan already makes valuable contributions to Debian, and he has the
required technical and social skills, I advocate him to become uploading DD.


Gregor Herrmann (via nm.debian.org)

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